A few months ago I became interested in programming. So I decided to kill several birds with one stone: try to learn programming by making own game, explore the secrets of the finite element method and do something fun for me and others. So I decide to make game - Finite Element Analysis of Truss:)

Feat_1 Feat_2

This game is slightly different from games which you already played (if we are talking about bridge builders), because it is based on the theory called finite element analysis. It is used in the design of real bridges, so you can feel like a real engineer:) I think it is preety challenging, so don't give up easily! Try to build safe, economic and light structures with limited budget, weight and length of elements. Analyse tension and compresion capibalities of your construction and improve your designs.

I hope you will learn a lot about bridge engineering and at the same time you will have much fun!

It is 'work in progress' so not everything can run smoothly. I look forward to comments and ideas!:)


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I agree this is very cool but it doesn't work for me

Wow, well done, this is amazing! I am currently working on an university project that is quite similar to this in concept. How did you implement the FEM methods yourself? Do you have this code available? Thank you!